Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Feeling of Accomplishment

Yes, I finished something! Lately it seems that I've been going from one project to the next without finishing anything. I hate doing that, but sometimes my ADD kicks in and I just can't seem to get anything done. I am that typical Mom that starts in the kitchen cleaning. I find mail on the counter so I take that down to the office. While in the office I find my coffee cup that needs to go in the kitchen. I take my coffee cup back to the kitchen. Then I find my car keys on the counter. I take those to my bedroom, and I realize I didn't make up the bed. Then ...okay on and on and on.... These really are my days. Most of the time I just can't seem to find a good rhythm, and I spend my time getting nothing done! Yesterday wasn't like that! I had a very productive day. Before noon, I had washed 2 loads of laundry, folded and put them away, made egg salad for lunch, and while doing that I put dinner in the crock pot so that could be cooking while I was working on my quilting. Then I started working! We have another baby shower tomorrow night. Did I tell you that we have 7 babies being born in a matter of months at our church? 2 of them have been born in the last month, and the other 5 are due between January & May. So this is the 3rd baby set that I have made. It is a coordinating baby blanket, burp cloth & bib. This is one of my favorites. I just love the rubber ducky fabric. They are made of a very soft and cuddly flannel. I like for the sets to be comfortable, and cute but still be able to be used. All 3 things can be put in the washer & dryer when they get dirty!

These are the squares for my niece's quilt. I received 40 charm pack squares, and I had to cut out the other 100! Have I told you that the cutting & binding are the things I dislike the most about quilting. I know all the colors are little funky! She asked for pink & purple, and that is primarily the colors that I am using, but there are other colors too! My husband came in last night and he said are you sure that all those colors are going to work? I told him well actually No, I'm not, but I sure hope so since I just spent hours cutting out all these squares! What do those of you with quilting experience think...Will it work? The end result will be a disappearing nine patch! On the left are all the stacks of squares that go in the quilt, and on the right is one square that I put together to let Charlie see an example of how it was going to go together.


Eileen said...

I think for a g irl, all those colors and prints work. It will make a really cute disappearing nine patch. This is a pattern I want to try soon too!
Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. :-) I'll be back to see how your quilt is coming along.

Valerie said...

I love the colors! Tell Charlie that it will work. I am so proud of you.

Mari said...

I'm not a quilter and am really impressed by those who are. It's going to be beautiful!

Marcy said...

The pieces that you have made are beautiful! Great job!

And I totally understand what you mean about how your days go...mine are very similar! :-)

brendia.cookston said...

What is a disappearing nine patch?

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Those are great and fun patterns for little kids.

Great post on working in the church too!