Monday, March 28, 2011

Full Circle

Do you ever think about how sometimes life comes full circle? I didn't go to work today because I woke up with a migraine. Ugghhh... It is the first one that I've had in months. Needless to say, it wasn't a good morning. I didn't sleep well because I had wicked dreams all night long. I guess that is why I woke up with a headache. I feel like I clenched my teeth too. My jaw is even sore!

As Charlie was walking out the door this morning he said something that made me think about coming full circle. He said sometimes God has to bring us back to the bottom so we can start over. I feel like that is what we are doing. We have our house for sale, and we've already found a house that we are going to move into. It is only about 5 minutes from the church and we love it. It is a little country house. We are just renting it for now. We do have an option to buy it, but we haven't made that decision yet. We will probably move in May after Beth graduates.

Today I was reading a few of my posts from 2008. I posted then about loving being a housewife. How I was saving money on groceries, cooking for my family, quilting, and just being generally happy. It is funny how I remember being so worried about money the entire time I wasn't working, but the bills were always paid. We didn't have a whole lot of extras but we were happy. I can tell from my posts that my memories of that time are accurate.

So much has happened in our life in the last 2 years. Sometimes it seems like when Charlie's parents died that we just stopped living too. When we finally 'woke up' we realized that different things are important to us now. We now cherish the time we have with each other because life isn't forever. We love spending time together but we've always done that. The difference is now it seems like even the little things we do together are more meaningful! I'm not sure what is going to happen over the next few months but I am peace. God is working in our life, and I'm thankful that he has found me worthy for the test. April 9th will be 2 years since we received that dreaded phone call. It was a Thursday afternoon that I'll never forget. Here we are today, full circle, back at the bottom but ready to be remade. I'm thankful that God can take the clay and reform it into a vessel worthy of Him.