Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well guys I am a little sad this morning...My Christmas Tree is sitting in broken pieces all over my living room.  Let me tell you the story!

I wanted to put up my tree 3 weeks ago but Charlie & the kids said to wait until after Thanksgiving.  Well, I patiently waited, really it was just because I couldn't get the tree down from the top shelf in the garage.  Anyway back to my story...On Monday Charlie & Trevlyn took the tree down and brought it to the living room.  Trevlyn actually put it together for me because in my weakened state (I've had the flu) I was unable to lift anything.  ;(  Then as we began to plug in the know A to A, B to B, C to C, etc because it is a prelit tree.  We realize 3 entire rows are not working.  We unplug & replug but alas the lights were kaput!  

But...I am married to a lighting guy, right?  All should be well.  Let's continue the story.  Charlie sees the problem on Monday evening and says no problem, I can fix it! (said in Tim the Toolman voice)  So, I try to trust him as my tree is sitting deformed and losing needles from all the pulling and prodding of cords.  Charlie decides he needs a light zapper (something he has saw on TV).  

On to Tuesday morning, Charlie is on the search for a light zapper.  After going to Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, and Dollar Tree, he finally finds one at Walgreens.  He comes home yesterday afternoon and dismantles the tree.  He begins to test each and every fuse & light bulb for a malfunction.  OMG...I think this is going to take forever.  

Wednesday morning...It does take forever...It still isn't done and now my tree is sitting in pieces all over my living room floor.  It is sad and Christmas is broken!  

Charlie says he'll continue to 'work' on it when he comes home this evening.  But I have a feeling that tomorrow my tree will still be sitting dejected in broken pieces in my living room.  I can't even go into the living room because I feel the need to clean it up.  All my decorations are scattered around the room.  The tree is in pieces around the room and fake needles are covering the floor.  We'll see if I'm able to make it through the day without throwing the tree together and putting a strand of lights on the rows that aren't working.  

To be continued...