Friday, March 2, 2012

Sunshine While It's Raining

From my front porch 3/2/2012
Have you ever seen the sunshine while it's raining?  Wikipedia calls it a sunshower or a meteorological phenomenon.  I call it God!

The last few months have been exceptionally rainy for us literally & figuratively.  It seems like here in East Tennessee it will rain a few days and then you might get one day of sunshine.  On Wednesday night the storms that were passing through were so ferocious that we actually called off our church service.  Then yesterday was beautiful.  The sun was shining so brightly and the temperature topped off at 75 degrees.  Now today we are expecting another day of rain & storms.

This natural weather pattern made me think about my life & the trials we are going through. God doesn't always let it rain.  Sometimes he sends the sunshine to lift us up.  I know that this trial is just a phase in our lives and for some reason I feel like we are just sitting still.  Almost like we've decided to dwell in this valley.  I am an impatient person and I want something to happen.  I need something to change.  I want to move!  I don't want to dwell in the valley.  I know that the climb up the mountain is going to be tough but the mountain top will be worth it all!

Charlie has decided rather than go back to work for a company that he will start his own.  He has done electrical work for years but he has always worked off of the company's license.  So, he went a couple of weeks ago and took the class necessary to get his electrical license.  Now he's studying, studying, studying to take the test.  He's taken several pretests and has done well on all of them.  He just has to schedule to take the actual test.  I think he's scared that he will fail.  He is extremely talented and knows what he is doing so I know he'll do fine, but getting him to believe that is a different story.  Once he's passed the test and we get everything set up, business license, insurance, etc, then he already has a company that is going to let him sub-contract.  They have work lined up for him already.  So, I sit here and wait...  Please  pray for him that God gives him the confidence to take the test and then that he'll pass so we can get passed this waiting game.

Starting your own business is not going to be a breeze.  I know that.  My Dad has been in business for himself my entire life.  I understand the pressure of running a business.  It's not always easy but the good out weighs the bad.  It will also allow Charlie to be available as needed at the church too.

Today I'm waiting on the rain but I know the SUN will shine again!



Val said...

Oh how exciting about Charlie. That is so smart. I hope he does well.

Carliea said...

This post made me think of Bro. Ben Moyers. He always sang "Sunshine Always Follows Rain" I pray Charlie does well in his business and that you can be a stay-at-home wife.