Friday, June 20, 2008

Soft Baby Fabrics!


I am looking for somewhere that I can buy soft baby fabrics. I think they are called Minkee. Does anyone know where I can find the fabric at a good price? Joann's & Hobby Lobby have a few of the pastel colors in a generic but I am looking for a Chocolate Brown. The places I've found on-line are over $15 a yard plus shipping! Ouch! If it is going to be that expensive I will probably have to rethink the blanket idea for my sister.

Also, my grandmother told me that she used to make baby blankets with a 100% polyester backing, but she can't find the fabric anymore. She said it was a real soft satin feel. She wanted us to try to make one together if I can find the fabric. Any ideas on that would be great too!

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Valerie said...

I just love it that you are making things. This is such a lost art. You have got me motivated to go in my sewing room and work on my quilt. Thanks for the motivation through your blog.