Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sonlight Express VBS - Monday Night

This week we are having VBS at our church. Charlie & I are in charge of our program.  Charlie takes care of all the bible lessons and I take care of keeping things organized; pretty much directing the programming.  We are very blessed to have a lot of participation at our local church.  We are averaging about 30 kids per night and about 30 adults too!  Isn't that awesome?

On Monday night we visited the Great Gorge and learned that Jesus Saves.  It was a little chaotic on Monday night so I didn't get a lot of good pictures.  For those of you who have directed a VBS program before you know that Monday night is full of excitement and lots of energy as everyone gets used to the schedule.  In the end it always turns out great!
Opening Assembly in the Passenger Car at Sonlight Station
3rd & 4th graders in the Melody Coach learning their songs for the week.

Obstacle Course for the K - 2nd graders at Boxcar Games

Preschoolers in the Melody Coach
Preschoolers at the Sonlight Station learning about Nicodemus
2 of our visitors for the night.  Anthony on the left was one of our youth from our church in Georgia and the guy  on the right is one of my brothers, Dabreon.  His children are passengers this week for their 1st ever VBS program.

Stay tuned for more of the Sonlight Express as the week progresses!


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