Monday, August 27, 2012

Hold Me While I Cry

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like crying?  When you know that everything is going to be okay because the Lord is with you but the problems just seem so insurmountable.  I couldn't make it through any day without the Lord.  I know he's always with me.  It's just that sometimes I wish I could crawl up in his lap, let him hold me, and feel his arms around me.  I just want to cry out all my problems and let him tell me that everything is going to be okay.  I'm sure he'd say "Fret Not, Krista!"  or may be he'd say "I've got this!  Why are you worried?"

It's just one of those days when I see all the bills in front of me and the lack of income or I should say a minimal income makes me worry how we are going to make it.  I know God has brought us this far so why would I think he wouldn't take us the rest of the way.  I hate to even complain because I know that some people have it so much worse.  Then I remember my Mother saying "You've got to be tough" and "Everything is going to be alright".  I really don't complain much and it condemns me to say anything at all because I've been blessed so much but I know that God is our Father.  Just like a Father, he wants us to tell him our concerns, our trials, and our weaknesses but he also wants us to know that he is there with us.  He will never leave us.

This song says 'tomorrow I'll be okay', and I know that is so true.


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