Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Praise Him Anyway

Looking at these pictures make my heart hurt; literally!  This is my daughter's car.  She was on her way to school today on a very busy highway and had a wreck.  Road construction had the lanes merging from two lanes to one and the car in front of her came to a dead stop to let other cars merge.  She didn't realize that the car was stopped until too late and she rear ended it.  Her car is totaled.  This was her first car.  We bought it used and only had liability insurance on it.  That's okay though.  She can always get another car.  I couldn't bring myself to even imagine what I would have done if she had been hurt.  Other than a few bumps and bruises she is fine.  She is really really sore.  I know God took care of her.  As you can tell from the pictures the driver's side didn't get pushed into the car only the passenger side.  If the driver side had then it would have surely crushed her legs.

There are a lot of things going on in our life right now that don't seem to be good things.  Sometimes I feel as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders but I have to believe that God is with me.  I'm living my life for him and I fully expect a good outcome.  I've been singing a song the last few weeks and it seems that the words are so appropriate today.

A Miracle Today

Lord, you see the puzzle not the piece
You see the forest not the trees
You know what's best for me
Lord, you have bottled up my tears
You see my questions and my fears
And the way it has to be.

I know that there are others more deserving than I
I know that I'm not worthy but you listen when I cry
So if this cross is mine to bear, I'll praise You anyway.
Lord, I could sure use a miracle today.

Lord, You are faithful more than words
You feed the lilies and the birds
You catch the sparrow when it falls.
You know exactly where I am 
So I'm not questioning Your plan
There's a reason for it all.

You turned the water into wine
You healed the leper and the blind
God I know there's nothing you can't do
You calmed the sea with just one word
and when you spoke the deaf man heard
So, I know this is a little job for you.


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Val said...

Oh my goodness! Yes, Praise the Lord!!! Thank the Lord. I am so glad that she is ok. Bless her heart. Bless your heart. And yes, HE is with us. We don't understand it all right now but one day....I am thanking HIM with you!