Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter in Pictures...

This post won't be very wordy but will be full of pictures.  We started our Easter weekend by hosting a community Easter Family Festival.  I was up at 7 making hot dogs.  We were at the church by 9.
Volunteers sorting thousands of Easter Eggs.
By 11:20 over 100 people.  It only gets better
Dyeing Easter Eggs
Getting prizes for the Easter Egg Toss
Receiving a Bible for choosing the correct ducks
Face Painting
The line never slowed for the 22' Slide
 The old
and the young play hopscotch
 S'mores with Peeps
 are messy
So messy that I don't want to touch
By 12:15 the parking lot and the hill behind the church are full!
At 12:30 the first group ages 0-4 head up the hill to hunt eggs.
By 2 everyone was leaving and we were cleaning & setting up for Easter morning service.
The choir singing Easter morning.
My little family + my sweet nephew Isaac.

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend.  We did!  There is nothing like celebrating our risen Saviour with children.  They are so eager to learn the true meaning behind Easter.  It was a great weekend and just what I needed to make me smile!



Darla said...

So much fun. We served Easter Brunch at our Church, posted the nests I made as favors....

Val said...


Dia said...

Love seeing Baby Isaac in your Family Photo :)

We had a great Easter weekend!