Friday, January 20, 2012

Walking on water

Do you ever feel like you are drowning? Literally like you are almost out of air and there is no way possible to take a breath. Today, I feel that way. I can see the water all around me. I can hear the storm with the waves so boisterous. I can feel the pressure on my chest that seems unrelenting.

I sit hear thinking why do I feel this way today? What has happened that makes me feel like hope is almost unattainable? I can honestly say nothing drastic has happened. Many things have happened over the last few years to make me feel distressed. Most days I feel like my head is barely above the water but I can still breath. Today the waves have pushed me under.

Fortunately I am a positive person and I am a Christian therefore I know that Jesus will come to my rescue. As I was typing I was reminded of the place in the Bible where Peter got out of the boat and walked to Jesus. Yes he walked, but he became distracted by the storm & the boisterous waves and he began to sink. He called out for help and Jesus saved him. I am depending on Jesus coming to my rescue today and giving me peace of mind. He can give me that much needed breath of life.

- Blessings

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Val said...

I started a Bible study on line with some bloggers. It is in Ephesians and I am loving it. They use the S.O.A.P method of Bible study. I will post about it soon.