Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabric Line

I receive emails from a local quilt shop about their upcoming promotions. Today they were featuring a new fabric line from Clothworks called Delilah. While I thought it was pretty it wasn't quite to my style, but Clothworks has another new line called Cherry Blossom that I love. I did a google search for the Clothworks website, and to what did my wondering eyes did appear!!! Many, many, many FREE patterns. Now I am no where near as talented as most of you, but I love to collect fabric. Yes, that is what I call my fabric stash because since I've went back to work I very rarely have the time to sew so now I just collect fabric. I have lots, and lots of fabric! Someday I'll make that fabric into quilts, purses, curtains...

Anyway...fabric. My new Clothworks favorites are Funny Farm, Classic Black, Toy Box, and All Aboard. I just found it and Toy Box & All Aboard are no longer available! What am I going to do? I am going to check around and see if anybody has these two collections because I think that I need them for my fabric collection! There are many others that I like too, and I'm sure that you all will too. Check out Clothworks and find a store near you that carries it.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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Valerie said...

Oh no, Friday the 13th! Yikes! I am not very knowledgable about fabric so I am always glad to learn. I will check this out. Hey you might want to check on eBay. I have been purchasing different things that I need on there lately. Randy needed something from the pharmacy the other day and I kept forgetting it so I went to ebay, found it cheaper than the pharmacy and it will be delivered right to my door! I bought some Dick and Jane fabric on ebay one time a lot cheapter than at the store. Hope you all are doing good.