Friday, February 27, 2009

Exciting News

Shanda & her daughter Laci

I realized that my niece , Shanda, started her blog this week. Shanda is my husband's brother's daughter. When Charlie & I got married Shanda was 10, I think... Her parent's were recently divorced, and she was going through an emotional upheaval. Charlie and I lived with his parents for the first year, and Shanda was there a lot. We became very close and she became like a little sister to me, almost a daughter. After we moved out she spent many days & nights at my house. When I had children she became like their big sister, and good for me because she was always a handy babysitter. Shanda says she has learned many things from me, but I am sure they are both good and bad, probably more bad. You see, Shanda was around us mostly when we were first married, and I was a spoiled child. Yes, I said it! I'm sure she is laughing reading this because we were both spoiled children! Charlie & I both did a lot of growing up, and she was around to witness that. Now we live about 2 hours away from each other but we are still close. As I've gotten older, I've tried to be an example for her of the way that you should act, and hopefully she'll forget all that bad stuff. LOL :) Eventually Shanda married Charlie's best friend. Isn't that odd? Now they have a beautiful little girl. She will be 3 in April, and she is like my granddaughter. She reminds me so much of my little girl. Shanda is a very creative person. Valerie and I have been after her for months to start a blog. She is an excellent crafter. She crochets, sews purses, dresses, you name it and she can make it. She is an avid scrapbooker and can make all kinds of really neat layouts. She made her own shadow boxes of her daughter's first dresses. She could probably post for weeks about the items that she has already made and never even have to start a new project!

So, without further ado...go and visit her blog, A Small Ray of Sunshine!

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Valerie said...

I am so excited Krista. I can't wait to see what all she shows us. I would just love to see pictures of what she has done just lately. Wonder who taught her? She needs to tell that story. (Hear that Shanda?) I can't wait to see her blog blossom like a flower and I know it will.