Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Thoughts - Friday - December 12

I haven't blogged much lately because of the new job, and I've had a cold...again! Yes, every night this week (except last night) I've went home, drank a cup of NyQuil and went to bed. My intention was to blog in the evenings once I started this job, but it hasn't quite worked out that way. Usually what happens in my life isn't what I planned to happen. Do you think I am being too hopeful or setting unrealistic expectations? Maybe I am just not trying hard enough!

Can you believe there are only 13 days till Christmas? I still have so much to do. I haven't even put up my Christmas tree yet! GASP.... I know I am horrible! Usually I have my tree up by December 1, but this year my tree is in the attic and I can't get the attic door open. My husband hasn't been home until late every night and when he does get home he doesn't feel like getting it out. AARRRGGGGHHHH... I hope to clean house this weekend and put out all the Christmas decorations. That will give us about 3 weeks because I usually don't take them all down until New Year's Day!

The Christmas Play at church is this weekend. We have dress rehearsal this Saturday night. My sister and I have coordinated the Christmas Play for the last 3 years...I think. It maybe 4 but I can't really remember. It was always easy because we worked together, and we would brainstorm things at work then put them in action. It isn't that easy now! I miss being able to talk things out with her. Of course, I can hear you all saying "just call her" but it isn't that easy! I just remembered this morning that we need to put the programs together, so I called her. She reminded me that the original we work from is on my laptop. I totally forgot. See, if we were together I would already have the programs done or almost done and we would have done it together like we always do. I guess I have been spoiled, but I miss working with my family.

My job, you all have been asking, How do you like your job? Well, have you ever had a job where you felt like you didn't go to work? Well, that is how I feel. Other than missing my sister, I really like my job. I have specific job responsibilities, I do them, then I go home. I don't think about what is not done or what I have to do tomorrow. I do the same things everyday...deposits, process returns, check in inventory, etc. This is daily work so I get today's done and then tomorrow I do tomorrows! My manager is great. He is laid back, and easy to get along with. The people I work with are all younger than me. I think all but 2 of them are in school at UT. Their lives are full and exciting. I don't see how they get so much done. Most of what they talk about is going to a party or the party they just went to. I don't think any of them go to church so I hope to be a light to them. I would like to be a witness for Jesus. Wouldn't it be amazing if I could make a difference in one of their lives?

You have asked me (Valerie) about my quilting projects, and I hate to say that since I started this job I have not even sat down at my sewing machine. I just haven't had time. I know I only have 13 days to finish.... Tonight is a no go, I'll be at the church. Tomorrow, I have to clean my house and decorate for Christmas. Sunday, in between church services...maybe. Monday, I am not working because I have an appointment but it is at 1:30...maybe I can get up early and sew for a little while, then sew some more that evening. Okay...that is the plan. I'll let you know if it works out. It doesn't sound to unrealistic, does it?


Mari said...

Busy, busy, busy! I feel that way too. I'm so glad you are liking your job - that's a huge blessing. I'm sure you are a light to them - just keep shining!

Carliea said...

I am so glad that you like your job. It always makes it easier to work if you like what you do. Good luck with the Christmas Play. I did that job for two years and I felt like pulling my hair out. I don't think others realize the effort or thought that goes behind it not to mention the time and preparation. I know it will be wonderful.

Valerie said...

Sounds like the job to have. I have been trying to sew about 30 minutes a day. Sometimes it runs into a little more because it is so hard to quit. Believe it or not I have finished my second quilt except fot the binding and I hope to do that tomorrow. It is not good at all but I am still learning. I hope I improve. I hope you get to work on your quilt soon.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

It always takes quite a while to adjust to a new schedule. I hope you start feeling better soon!