Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

As I look outside my window:
It's dark now and cold outside.  The temp has slowly went down from about 50 this morning and now it's in the 20's!  brrrr

Right now I am:
Sitting at the kitchen table.  We've finished supper.  Now I'm getting all my invoices and things processed from today's installations.

Thinking and pondering:
Going over different things and trying to come up with ideas on how to raise money for our mission trip to Haiti in March.

On my bedside table:
I'm reading an assigned book called "How to Read Literature Like a Professor" and I'm also participating in a bible study over the book "Made to Crave"

On my TV tonight:
TV?  What's that?  With school, our business, and the normal housewife duties I just don't have time for TV.

Listening To:
My husband has the TV on in the living room.  I don't know what he is watching but I can hear it in the background.

On the menu for this week:
Monday - Skillet Spaghetti 
Tuesday - Chicken Taco Soup
Wednesday - Apple Chops
Thursday - Turkey Casserole
Friday - ?
Saturday - ?
I purchased a new cookbook a couple weeks ago and I love it!  It literally includes a weekly menu plan for 4 meals, a grocery list, and recipes!  Oh, and every recipe is less than 500 calories per serving!

On my to do list:
Right now this was the last thing on my to do list for the day!  I'll be going to bed shortly!

Plans for this week:
Monday - Babysitting Isaac & Sophie
Tuesday - Babysitting Isaac & Sophie
Wednesday - Babysitting Isaac & Sophie - I have an English Unit quiz and a discussion post in Western Civ due.  Evening church service
Thursday - Study for Western Civ & Music Appreciation Test
Friday - Test in Western Civ & Music Appreciation

What I am sewing, knitting, crocheting, or creating:
I have many unfinished projects on my table; hairbow holder, pillowcase dresses, paci clips, bibs...

My simple pleasure:
Morning coffee...

Lesson learned this past week:
Things break.  It doesn't mean that I have done anything wrong.  It just means that appliances won't last forever.  It's just life!  Now I need to figure out how to buy a new coffee pot and a new dryer.

Looking around the house:
I need to spend some time cleaning.  I have so much on my plate that most days I simply pick up, and straighten up but my floors need swept & mopped and my furniture needs dusted.  I'd like to do that on Saturday!

From the camera:
looking forward to spring
Prayer List:
My Mother who is having a procedure tomorrow.  My Dad who is having health problems.  Our Mission Trip to Haiti - praying we'll be able to raise the money that we need.

Bible Verse, Devotional:
"...Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was whole from that hour." Matthew 9:22 KJV



Val said...

Krista!!! I LOVE this! I hope I can remember to do this. I love everything you are doing. Did I miss that you are back in school? Or did I know that?

Krista S said...

I started back to school this past fall. I am attempting to get a business degree.