Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quiet Mornings

I am sitting in my recliner this morning, reading my devotional, and drinking a cup of coffee.  Elizabeth is at school.  Trevlyn & Charlie are both working.  The house is quiet, but yet not at the same time.  Have you ever thought about silence?  Silence is the absence of sound, but yet quiet to me is about peace.

Let me tell you about my quiet.  I hear a bird chirping outside.  Not a flock of birds but literally one bird and not constantly but just every once in a while.  The clock on the wall behind me beats out the seconds.  At times this sound would be annoying but today it reminds me that life is moving on.  Periodically I hear a car as it passes.  Time, it doesn't stop for anyone or anything.

My calendar in the kitchen has pictures of beaches.  Beautiful water, white sand, sea shells...you know the kind of calendars I'm talking about. There are days that in order to find my happy place, my peaceful existence that I stand in front of that calendar and just stare.  It brings back to my remembrance peaceful times, good times, laughter, family, and love.  Then I can breathe again.  I know all is well and everything is going to be alright.  Peace comes back into my soul.

I am thankful for peace.  I started my blog back in 2008.  Five years have gone by.  So much has happened in that five years.  As I read through my posts I can tell there were many days that I didn't have peace.  I wasn't content.  I was unhappy.  Today I can honestly say that I am happy and at peace.  Does that mean that my life is all roses and chocolate?  Of course not!  Does that mean that we never struggle to pay our bills?  HA, of course not!  Does that mean that I don't worry about my children?  Of course not!  What that does mean is that today the God of all glory has given me peace!  I know that with him everything is going to be just fine.

I pray that anyone who may ever read this post knows the Lord as their personal Savior and can find that peace that I have found that only comes from Him.


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