Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Story of a Father & His Daughter

A baby girl is born. Simultaneously, from amid the ranks of ordinary men, there emerges a mighty, courageous, gallant man who is quaking in his shoes. As they grow together, the girl comes to know that her father is no ordinary man.

He can hear the sound of the sun pushing the clouds out of her world, and he helps her to hear it, too. He can taste the worst cookies that she will make and then eat three or four more from the same batch. He can touch the stars and pull them closer to her. He can see the fire of youthful puppy love burning in her heart. No, this father is no ordinary man.

He has a body to shield his daughter from strangers, big dogs, and noisy things; a broad expanse of chest to nestle against; and an arm to pillow her head while watching television. He has two strong arms to hold her up to touch the sky, to see inside a bird's nest, or to fly like an airplane.

Fearlessly, this father and daughter adventure into the realms of surprise.
Together they open doors and share peeks at monsters; with him, she is never afraid. He is there for her first bike ride. He has flowers picked to tickle her nose, shaving cream dabbed on her face, and a goodnight kiss in the dark when he comes home late and thinks she is asleep.

In her teenage years, he teaches her to respect herself and others. He is always proud of her for trying new things; she doesn't always have to win. He is a wealth of truth in the midst of peer group untruths, an impatient driving instructor, and a light in the window at twelve o'clock on a Friday night.

He is the firm cornerstone of the family who gives her values to believe in, a heritage she feels worthy of, and an urgency for living her life completely.

Now, in her adulthood, he could slow down a bit, but he won't. He still utilizes his many resources to teach his daughter well, and somehow his mere presence continues to trigger the potential in her. So what does a daughter say to this man of subtle sensitivities and infinite wisdom?
She says this... "I love you, Daddy"

~ Author Unknown


Dia said...

Did you write this???

Krista said...

No, I didn't write it. I wish I was that creative but when I saw it I wanted to capture it.