Friday, June 1, 2012

I work out....wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Are you laughing yet?  You are if you know what I look like right now, and yes, I do 'wiggle, wiggle, wiggle' when I work out.  I have gained a ton of weight.  Well, not literally a ton, but a lot.  So much that I'm embarrassed to even tell you how much I currently weigh!  NO ONE KNOWS, not even Charlie.  I really am embarrassed by it.  I was looking at pictures from our latest vacation and I think I look like a beached walrus.  My face looks like a giant balloon.  I have squinty eyes anyway but I've gained so much weight that you can barely even see my eyeballs!  I know you are laughing now!

Healthy, that is what I need to be!  I am going to quit trying to diet and just be healthy.  I am definitely not healthy right now!  This all came to me as we were driving to Florida a couple of weeks ago.  I was walking in to this convenient store and I saw my reflection in the doors.  I thought to myself 'Wow, is that really me?'  In my mind I could hear my father-in-law talking to me.  He used to say and yes, this is when I weighed a good 50lbs less than I do today, "Sis, you need to back away from the table. You are getting to be as big as all the rest of them."  You see I was always the small one in my husband's family.  I have a sister-in-law who is well over 300lbs.  So, when I'd start packing on the weight my father-in-law would gently remind me that I needed to slow down.  Well, I don't know how gentle that statement was but it got the point across.  I guess I've not 'backed away from the table' in a while.  Probably over 3 years to be exact because that would have been the last time I could have heard my father-in-law's voice.  Man, what would he say to me today?  I'm sure he would get a kick out of it!  He'd probably laugh at me and tell me that he guessed I just decided to join the rest of them!

Fast forward 2 weeks....Charlie & I have started going back to Workout Anytime.  I am literally working my butt off or today it feels like my 'bat wings'!  You know what those are, right?  Those wings you get on the back of your arms when you gain weight!  This week I've been doing 20 minutes on the elliptical machine and then doing the weight machines.  My arms are getting the biggest workout or at least I think they are because that is where I hurt!  They burn!  I hope that is a good thing.  Doesn't it mean when it still hurts after the workout that it is actually doing some good?  I don't really know about all this but I figure that if it hurts a little then it must be good for me because I've always hated exercise!  I have felt better this week.  I have more energy even though my muscles or lack thereof do burn...I'm thinking that those muscles have been buried under fat for so long that they are very mad at me about being used again!

We've also turned a corner this week on our eating habits and we've been eating better.  I'm no longer making meals that are covered in cheese!  Our breakfasts have consisted of oatmeal, smoothies, boiled eggs, etc.  Lunches have been turkey wraps or homemade chicken salad.  Last night we had a low country shrimp boil which consisted of red potatoes, turkey polish sausage, corn on the cob, onions, and shrimp!  It was yummy!  I'm not sure what I'll be making tonight but I'm leaning towards grilled chicken or fish and a salad.

I have a lot to do to get into shape and the reality is that I need to lose more than 50lbs probably closer to 60 and so does Charlie!  I'll try to keep you in the loop along this journey.  Hopefully Charlie and I will both be a lot smaller and healthier by this time next year!



Darla said...

Prayerfully you will achieve your goals here...we know where the strength really comes from....

Dia said...

Being healthy is hard. Seems like I can stick with it for so long and then something happens to interrupt my "routine" and I always get off track. I know that's just an excuse, though.

I'm proud of you. I know you can do it and you'll feel so much better!