Friday, May 22, 2009

Upper Classmen

First Day of School 2006-2007 Trevlyn was a Freshman & Beth was in 8th grade. Isn't it cute how they dressed alike? They didn't realize it until I took this picture! It was a good thing they were still in different schools then!

First Day of School 2007-2008 Trevlyn was a Sophmore & Beth was a freshman. This picture was taken as they were getting ready to walk down the steps to school. Can you tell they are embarrassed?

We don't have a 2008-2009 picture because they decided they were too old for me to be taking 1st day of school pictures! So sad...:(

What?? This is what my daughter said to me last night. She said "Mom, do you realize that as of today both of your children are officially upper classmen?"

No, I refuse to believe it! My babies are still my babies. It just seems like yesterday that they were born. I can still remember my pregnancies and their births in vivid detail. How could this be? Trevlyn will be a senior, and is turning 18 in November. Beth will be a junior, and just turned 16 in March.

Can we stop time? There are so many things that I wanted to do with them before they were grown. I still have so many things on my list. I know they aren't leaving and will probably still live with us while they are in college. (because I refuse to let them go off to college) Overprotective? MUCH!! However, I know things are going to be different. They are already making so many decisions on their own. I just want to say, please don't forget about your dear Mom & Dad! You still love us remember? We are cool too! You don't have to spend all your time with CHARLIE EMERT!!!!!

Charlie is a great young man, but both of my children would rather spend time with him than with us! I am a little jealous, can you tell? Really I would rather they spend time with him than with some of their school friends! I just miss them wanting to spend time with me.

I miss my babies!


Mari said...

Those are nice pictures! Your kids have the same look as mine when I insisted on those first day of school pictures. :)

Valerie said...

They do grow up so fast. You have 2 of the smartest kids I know. They are so very respectful and always make me feel like they really love me. Trevlyn saw us as we were going out of the church this past weekend and just stopped and grabbed us and hugged us. I only got to see Beth from a distance so I didn't get my special hug from her. When I sat down next to you when you were not feeling well, I think Beth was sitting there. I can't really remember. I was so concerned about you. But anyway, tell her that I love her. I am glad to see you blogging more and I am so happy you are feeling better. Go enjoy your cruise. We are going back to Helen this weekend to get some R & R and a little trout fishing.