Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Thank Goodness for Friday! This week has went by really quickly. Today is Halloween. We won't be giving out candy this year. We have 4 free movie tickets, and my wonderful hubby decided that we would all go watch a movie as a family. I am not sure what we'll watch. I hate scary movies, and refuse to watch them. The kids think it is silly to go out on Halloween and not watch a scary movie. I think they just really wanted to go out with their friends tonight, but they won't say that. It is so rare for us to spend a night out with just the 4 of us that they are happy no matter what we do! As it stands, it should be only the 4 of us! Plans have been known to change though. One time we had plans to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant for dinner, Olive Garden, just the 4 of us. During the course of the day, my wonderful hubby had talked to several of the youth, and told them of our plans. When we arrived at Olive Garden our party numbered 22, not 4. So, you can see how plans change!

This past Wednesday night we had Trunk or Treat following our service. It was so much fun. We had over 90 people during our worship service. 30 of them were children under the age of 14, and then after service more people came. We probably had between 125 & 150. I'll have pictures later. I am on my husband's computer and he doesn't like it when I upload pics to his computer. Brendia has mine till tomorrow. She doesn't have a home computer, and since she is out of work for a few weeks on maternity leave, she borrowed mine to work on the church Christmas play.

Sherri at A Quilting Life told me about this wonderful website called The Fat Quarter Shop. I love it! They have charm packs, and jolly packs that you can't find anywhere; for example Amy Butler Jolly Packs! I have been looking at a Moda Jelly Roll called Butterfly Fling. At my local quilt shop it is $37 + tax, which in TN is 9.5%. On this website it is only $30 + shipping, and no sales tax. The shipping via USPS Priority Mail is only $4.95. Right now they are running a special for free shipping on orders over $50! Thanks Sherri for this website! They will have my business!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! I must work on my house today. Tomorrow we have a busy day, and I like to spend Saturdays with my wonderful husband. Saturdays are really his only day off. So, tomorrow we are going to be running around all day. We already have a full day scheduled. I am excited! I love to spend time with him, and the kids.


Mari said...

Have a good time tonight. It is nice to go out with your family and it doesn't happen easily! I'm not a lover of scary movies either.
I was asked to work tonight as one of our nurses is in the hospital. My hubby will have to handle the trick or treaters!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I really don't like scary movies either. Either they are too creepy or they are just stupid. :) Have a great night!

Valerie said...

I hope you had a wonderful family night last night. Thanks for this information on the fat quarters shop. I will check them out. Did you see what mom gave me? Go check my jelly roll out.